Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lucky last teardrops

My clearout of mini-teardop candles is almost at an end. If you want to take advantage of the half price clearance offer, you will need to get in soon. I only have small quantities of the Rose, Orange and Frangipani fragrances left now. The Rainforest fragrance is the only one available in sufficient quantities for the set of five. I will have the remaining stock with me on Saturday at the Winter Encraftment market. If you can't make it along there, I have all the mini-teardrops available listed on Felt.

They are being replaced with small teardrops, which are available now. I have improved upon the mini-teardrops – the small size is 20% larger, and they last about three times longer, and the wick is a more suitable size. These are still available at the introductory price of $10 each. This has almost come to an end, and I will be raising the price of them on Monday to $14 each, to reflect the true cost of creating them. I will also be increasing the prices of the Valentines Hearts, Floating candles and Hand-dipped tapers at this time as well. I been revising my wholesale pricing to make sure it is sustainable, which means I need to raise the retail price as well to keep them in line. You have got until the end of Sunday the 3rd July to take advantage of my current prices – either at the Winter Encraftment Market, or on Felt.


  1. It is a good idea to review your pricing every now and then. Unfortunately it usually means an increase in retail prices. I know my jewellery making and bead making costs have doubled since I started. In fact, sterling silver has tripled. One day we may be able to offer our customers a reduced retail price.....just maybe.

  2. great incentive to go shopping :-)

  3. Bobbie – My main component of pricing is time, and I often base this on the 'ideal' time I think it should take me to make a product. At the beginning I'm making prototypes of one or two, so I do have to guess how much time a batch would take. Eventually reality wins out and I have to use the actual time it takes.

    Jacber – Definitely!