Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Yesterday was quite a topsy turvy day for me. I spent the morning in hospital under sedation, and the afternoon fuelled by adrenaline, after the world came crashing down again. Fortunately I was home from the hospital before the first aftershock struck. In fact I was just sitting down to relax to recuperate from a second gastroscopy (this one was to check the gluten free diet is working, and the results came back as normal, which means it is – yay!) We'd just cleaned up the mess, checked in on facebook and sat down again when the second one hit.

Just like February, the fish tank fell over and smashed again, throwing the fish on the floor again and spilling water all over the carpet again. The poor fish must be quite traumatised by now. Fortunately they both survived, as they were only on floor for a minute or so this time. We also got another liquefaction volcano in the backyard. Still no where near as bad as a lot of other people further east have it though.

All this shaking tests the resolve just a little. I'm sure we've all become much more resilient since September, but each time it gets a little harder to hold it together and stay focussed on the bigger picture.

For me, the bigger picture involves growing my business to a sustainable level that provides a proper income for me. Starting a business is never easy, but to start one in a year punctuated by earthquakes certainly doesn't help make it any easier. The majority of the retailers I supply in Christchurch have been affected, along with other local companies I work with. I don't want to sound too melodramatic though, as some businesses have lost everything, and I haven't lost a thing.

However, this makes me more determined than ever to make my business succeed. As long as I am self-employed, I am keeping a job open for someone else who needs it more. In the longer term, my business may grow to employ other people, and help grow the Christchurch economy when it so badly needs it.

I have a list of things as long as my arm of things to do, which I have been slowly ticking off. There are two important things I need to do to help with the forward momentum, and I feel if I write them here, it might give me more accountability to get them done! Firstly, I need to finish my website, which is at least half done. Secondly, I need to find some more retailers interested in stocking my candles. I have a few in mind I plan to approach, but if you know of any shops in your area that might suit, or you have a shop yourself and would be interested in stocking them, then let me know.

I do plan to still have my Tea Party on Sunday. It may begin with an earthquake briefing, but other than that I'm determined not to let tectonic plates get in my way! If you'd like the distraction of shopping, high tea, and great company, then come along, and feel free to bring a friend. You can RSVP here by 5pm tomorrow, and receive all the details by email on Thursday, and check in on the facebook event here.

Last night I kept thinking of that parody song 'I'm on a boat', and thinking that's what it was like with the house swaying so often. Which reminds me of how if someone is feeling seasick, you always tell them to watch the horizon. Which I what I intend to keep doing.


  1. Glad to hear you're safe and sound, and your test results are ok. I truly admire your outlook on life considering all you have been through recently.

  2. Glad you're okay. And good for you for still having your tea party.
    I admire yours and all the other positive outlooks that I read from the Christchurch people greatly!

  3. That postive energy of yours will carry you far and I look forward to seeing your progress :)

    OMG you had to have a 2nd gastroscopy? That's rough. They don't do that here. Still, good to know the GF diet is doing the trick!

  4. oh Rose, your resolve is wonderful, I don't know if I could cope with what you are getting in Chch and find focus for other things. May everything you want to happen come true, and may the earth stop blooming moving! x