Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For when inspiration strikes...

On the weekend I popped out to see if I could track down the magazine that Emma from freedom creative had featured in a blog post. As a side note she has featured one of my candles in a recent post on her fave felt items. Thanks Emma! I got sidetracked checking out the new shops at Westfield, and was browsing in gorgeous organising mecca kikki-k when I saw these inspired little notes. Just perfect for when you're flicking through a mag, such as frankie, and you see something you just love... or want to buy... or that triggers an idea for a new creation. Indispensable for any creative person!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Craft 2.0 roundup and Knitting in Public

After a mad few weeks, Craft 2.0 finally arrived. It was great to finally give my wares an outing for the world to see. I got a great response, the crochet mix-tape purses were a hit (pun intended!) It's inspiring to be surrounded by so many talented crafters, and a rather delectable looking cupcake display. Thanks to Lucy and Sue for organising another fantastic Craft 2.0.

The candle recycling also went down a treat. I am now the proud owner of a large quantity of boxes of candle ends from the local convent, all ready and waiting to be recycled into lots of new candles. If you have any old candle drips, ends, ugly or broken candles or tealights, trade them for a 10% rose among thorns discount coupon. Trade any used rose among thorns candles for a 20% discount.

On Saturday I joined the hordes at the Dux for the annual Worldwide Knit in Public Day. I re-acquainted myself with the art I learnt a very long time ago, and knitted what looked the beginnings of a very small scarf. Definitely a skill I must use more, I'm sure it won't be hard finding some nice things to make.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Candle Recycling and Craft 2.0 this Saturday

Only 2 days to go till the big day! I've been busy making lots and candles and getting myself organised.

Come down to Our City O-Tautahi, on the corner of Worcester Boulevard and Oxford Terrace on Saturday to check out all the crafting talent on offer. It runs from 11am till 3pm, with goodie bags for the first 50 through the door. Get there early though, there was a big line last year. It is also totally free to get in, which means more money for you to spend on all the lovely crafts. I will be downstairs in Gallery 1, to the left of the main entrance.

I have a candle recycling promotion, you will receive a 10% rose among thorns discount coupon. Just bring in any old candles, candle ends, used tealights or chunks of wax that have dripped, to be made into new candles. A great way to trade up to some new candles while still being kind to the environment.