Friday, July 22, 2011

Escape from the City

Due to forecast low temperatures and adverse weather conditions, this event has now been cancelled.

This Sunday I will be attending Escape the City, a gala event that offers the opportunity for Christchurch residents to unwind in the beautiful Canterbury high country. Glenfalloch Station, at the head of the Rakaia river will open it's gates to the public from 11am – 3pm on the 24 July.

There will be entertainment, a farmers and artisan market and art exhibtion, a musterers luch, and plenty of opportunties to explore the rugged high country. When you arrive you will be warmly welcomed with a hot chocolate and some mulled wine. The weather forecast for the area is looking better than for the Canterbury plains, and there has been lots of snow on the mountains making the area very picturesque.

Ticket can be purchased for $15 per car from Traiteurs in Merivale, or Mercato at Fitzgerald Ave. otherwise you can pay $20 at the gate. Driving directions can be found here. Proceeds from the event will go to the Canterbury earthqauke recovery fund.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big Chip in for Christchurch

We've had a pretty eventful year in Christchurch, so some folks have come up with the idea for The Big Chip in for Christchurch, on Friday 15th July. The basic idea is that everyone does something for someone in Christchurch. It could be ringing a Christchurch based friend to say hello, placing an order with a Christchurch based business, or getting all your workmates to wear red and black as a show of support.

One really easy way to help even if you're out of town is to buy something online from a Christchurch based business. A lot of stores that have had either lost their premises, or have suffered a downturn in foot traffic have opened up online stores. One in particular is one of my stockists in Sumner, Flock. They have recently launched a website with an online store, so you can shop in your slippers! If you are local, and feel like a trip out to Sumner, you can go check out the wares yourself at shop 2, 43 Nayland Street.

Up until the February quake, three friends of mine ran businesses from this building in Bedford Row, which has since been red-stickered (I just happened to be standing outside it at the time, watching it begin to disintegrate). Felt, Black Swan Designs, Board of Design and The Wardrobe which were all based there, are now operating from home. Nin from The Wardrobe has had to start her business almost from scratch again. You can help her out by buying one of the gorgeous hats, purses or accessories from her shop.

For some other great Christchurch shopping, here is a selection of shops on Felt to check out:
relique – a funky range of vintage and contemporary styled jewellery
mudbirdnz – unique handmade ceramic pieces
threadmark – felt birds
freedom – jewellery, accessories and homewares
blackswan – jewellery, accessories and totebags
feltgood – cute wheatbags

For two great Red Cross fundraising initiatives, check out cloudnine and natalie-anne.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Soy melt invasion!

A few weeks ago I finally launched a range of much awaited soy melts. If you haven't used them before, they are a small block of scented soy wax which you pop into your oil burner. The wax melts to release the scent and fragrance the room. When you're finished, just let the wax set in the top of the burner. If you want to change the fragrance, just pop the burner into the freezer for ten minutes or so, and the wax should come out easily.

I was testing them out in the week after the June 13 aftershocks, whilst I was also trying to dry out the carpet with the dehumidifier running 24/7, after the fishtank smashed and spilled water all over the floor. As anyone whose lived with wet carpet will know, it doesn't smell real good! The fragrance dispersed from the soy melts was enough to satisfactorily mask the wet carpet smell. Of course I can't guarantee they will disguise every smell, but they do a great job of improving the pleasantness of a room.

I have a variety of scents and shapes, which I are available in two different sizes, and two different package options. There are space invader shaped melts, and a variety of other shapes as well. You can purchase them from Felt in either a box of 8 (shapes) or 10 (space invaders), or a gift box with three unscented soy tealights, with a burntime of 8 hours each, and 10 (shapes) or 12 (space invader) melts. I haven't finished testing the length of time they last, but I would think about 20-30 hours. Once the scent has dispersed from them, you can return the wax to me to recycle, and receive my 10% recycling discount on your next purchase.