Friday, October 1, 2010

Markets Galore!

It was nice and sunny for both my markets on the weekend, but I could have done without the wind on Sunday at Rolleston! I had some of my mum's handmade bobbin lace bookmarks and earrings to sell as well. I made a few sales, and it's always nice to chill out and do some people watching in the sun.
I used my new gazebo on Monday at Ashburton, which provided me a nice cool space to sit. I didn't put it up on Sunday because of the wind, which turned out to be a wise move, as it got so windy we all started packing up shortly after 12.

I have some more markets coming up. I thought I would try a few different ones out this season, and see which ones work well for me. So next up is the Methven Craft Market in the Square, as part of Springfest, this Sunday the 3rd October from 10am - 1pm.

In the next few weeks, I will also be at Off the Rails @ Little River with Flair on Monday the 25th October. Then the following weekend I will be at Craft 2.0 in Wellington. This will be my first time travelling to Wellington for Craft 2.0. and I'm really looking forward to it. Keep an eye out on the blog for my profile, sometime between now an then!


  1. You look so beautifully organized. Best wishes for you up and coming markets, things should start to pick up now with people out and about Christmas shopping, just hope the weather is good for you. Im doing the Devenport one on Sunday, feeling a little nervous as per usual everything gets left to the last minute!!

  2. Looking good Rose!
    Love the (new?) round, tiered display thingies.
    It sounds like you'll be busy this month, and I'm looking forward to heading up to Craft2 with you. Are you travelling alone this time? If so, have you tried packing it all into one suitcase yet?

  3. Thanks Mel! Best of luck for Devonport. I always leave things till the last minute, you're not alone there!

    Thanks Emma, the cupcake stands were a discovery I found via Maddie's blog –
    After I got back from Auckland, Josh kindly volunteered to fly up to Wellington for me to bring an extra suitcase for Craft 2.0. Which is fantastic, because I suck at heavy lifting!

  4. Hi Rose

    Would be interested in coming over to the coast in December for the Kiwi Christmas Market?!/pages/Kiwi-Christmas-Market/156130677748670
    Would be great to have you there :)

  5. your table looks fantastic! looks like a lot of fun!