Sunday, October 17, 2010

Felt like helping out

In the days following the earthquake, the Felt community wondered what it could do to help out. After some discussion, the idea for a FeltAid shop was born. Crafters have been donating goods to the shop, which the proceeds from will go to the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal. So far a whopping $4,000 has been raised, and they would love to hit $5000 before the shop closes on the 31st October. Sarah from Songbird Designs and Ana from Amiana have put in a great effort setting up the shop, soliciting donations, listing them, and co-ordinating the sending of goods from the donaters to the purchashers. Felt has also stepped in and offered no commission and free listings for the shop.

I have recently submitted a donation, as I thought it is a great cause and wanted to help out. You can help out too by browsing through the shop and purchasing some christmas presents, or perhaps a wee treat for yourself. If you would like to donate something, head along to the blog for more details.

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