Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Frocks on Bikes

I was very excited to discover last week via the Black Swan blog that Frocks on Bikes is returning this weekend. I missed it last year because I was out of town. Since then, I have acquired a much more stylish bike than my current mountain bike. It needs a few repairs, so I went out yesterday to buy the required parts for my blue, folding Raleigh 20 bicycle. I just need to get them all installed before Saturday! Once that's done I just need to cross my fingers for a nice day like today, and decide on which frock to wear.


  1. Hey Rose - I can't seem to get your email address to work. Could you please drop me a line when you get a minute: katymcrae@gmail.com

  2. Oops, that will be because it was wrong! I've changed it now.