Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Essential oil soy candles now available

I have been working on creating a range of essential oil scented soy candles. I wanted to offer a candle that is as natural and sustainable as I can make it. Soy wax is made from pure soybean oil, and is a natural, chemical free, biodegradable renewable resource. I use tins that are fully recyclable, and glass jars made from recyled bottles which are also recyclable, and they are also both refillable. I embellish them with paper which can either be recycled or composted – or reused in your next craft project.

Essential oils are a natural fragrance option which can also have aromatherapy benefits. Although I don't proclaim to be an expert on this subject, I will continue to research the therapeutic properties of the essential oils I use.

The fragrances I currently have available in my Felt store include:

Citronella – great for keeping bugs at bay outdoors
Cinnamon – helps to dispel tension, and improves wellbeing
Patchouli – calming in low doses, yet refreshing in higher doses
Geranium – refreshing, and improves stamina

Just introduced this week are:

Rose – calming and comforting, aids with sleeping
Lavender – calming and soothing, aids with sleeping
Manuka – calming, with antiseptic properties
Ylang Ylang – generally soothing, with a sensuous aroma

Some precautions to note, if you would are having trouble sleeping, light the candle in the room you are in before you go to bed, and make sure you put it out before going to sleep. It is also recommended that pregnant women avoid use of essential oils.

These candles would make a great mother's day gift, or a practical addition to your emergency kit. I would recommend one with calming properties for your emergency kit.


  1. Hello Rose, hope you are well! Do you have any of the mandarin and mimosa candles left? Sx

  2. Fantastic!!!! I am passionate about aromatherapy and am currently studying toward my diploma. If you search "Aromatologie" on facebook you will find my new page and I am in the process of building a website to sell aromatherapy products.

    Just to let you know that orange and cardamon or cinnamon work lovely together, so do rose and patchouli. They might be nice combinations to try in your next batch. Look forward to hearing the feedback you get about your new range :)

  3. Sarah – Yes I do! I will email you with the details.

    Bobbie – I'm find aromatherapy to be quite a fascinating subject, that's great to hear you are learning so much about it. I might have to give those combinations a go and see how they turn out, thanks!