Thursday, November 25, 2010

Upcoming Markets and Events

I have a few events planned over the next few weeks, so I thought it would be helpful to put them all up now, and blog about them in more detail closer to each event. You may notice there is one missing. Some of Christchurch's wonderful historic venues have been damaged in the earthquake, and will take time to repair. This means that the Night Market has been cancelled this year, which is very sad. It will be back again next year though, once the building has been repaired. The annual exhibition of my painting class has also been relocated, as Gallery O in the Arts Centre was also damaged. Fortunately the owners of the Bryce Gallery in Riccarton very kindly offered to help out, and have provided a space for us.

27th November – 3rd December: Vibrations
A collection of works from Art and Company
Bryce Gallery, 122 Riccarton Road, Christchurch

28th November: Rolleston Community Market
10am – 1pm, Rolleston Community Centre, Rolleston

10am – 4pm, Goodbye Blue Monday, Poplar Lane, Christchurch

12th December: Rolleston Community Market
(updated time) 2pm – 6pm, Rolleston Community Centre, Rolleston

15th December: Kiwi Christmas Market
5pm – 9pm, Carnegie Gallery, Hokitika

18th December: A Craft Christmas Market
10am – 4pm, Goodbye Blue Monday, Poplar Lane, Christchurch

19th December: Methven Christmas Craft Market
9:30am – 12:30pm, Venue TBC, Methven

1st January: Nelson Market
8am – 1pm, Montgomery Square, Nelson


  1. Wow you are going to be a busy bee :) And your stand looks fantastic and so full of colour. All the best for your up and coming markets.

  2. What a packed timetable Rose - and great to see other parts of NZ are getting to experience your products 1st hand - Hokitika, Methven, Nelson ... excellent!