Monday, August 30, 2010

Rolleston Market's first birthday bash

I think it's time I did a pictorial blog post! Here is a picture of my stall just after I finished setting up.
Some pics of the stalls and shoppers.

I was lucky enough to won one of the raffle draws, and chose this gorgeous book from Tessa Warburton as my prize. My neighbour wrote me out a list of some of the shows and fairs on in Canterbury that would be worth doing. So I might apply for some of them and see how I go. Watch this space for more details!


  1. Love your stall layout Rose - looks great.

  2. Hey Rose, Just thinking about you and hoping you survived the quake ok. Hopefully I'll see you at Crafty Business on Monday

  3. Yes we're all ok, very lucky that we and the house and things survived almost unscathed, expect for the nerves of course! I hope things are ok at your house too. I plan to be at Crafty business on Monday, but Lucy and Mel are still waiting to hear that Board of Design's building is ok, as it is in the cordoned off area. There were no pictures of it on the news, so hopefully that's a good sign!