Sunday, January 24, 2010

The best crafter I've ever met

I recently made my mum some business cards for an upcoming exhibition she is participating in. She will be exhibiting some of her pieces of hand-made lace. Lacemaking is one of the more recent acquisitions to her crafting reportoire, which includes knitting and spinning among many other things. Since then she has been learning various different techniques, so when I got married, I asked her to make a piece of lace for my dress. I couldn't find any patterns that would work for a dress, so she found a book with instructions on how to design lace patterns. I came up with a design, drew it all out in illustrator, and mum made the piece of lace. It looked beautiful, and I now have a one-of-a-kind wedding dress that will be treasured for years to come.

Mum has many other crafting skills, quite a few of which she taught me when I was young. She showed me how to knit, sew, spin, weave and crochet. I still have a collection of soft toys and other things I've made. I've have slowly been picking these skills back up again over the last few years, and am enjoying the renaissance craft is having. It's nice to have learnt all these things from my mum, rather than a book. The skills have gone from generation to generation without missing a step.

If you are in the Nelson area in the next week or two, pop over to Tapawera and have a look at the annual VAST Art Exhibition. It's on from January 23 until February 1 at the Shedwood Hall, Main Road, Tapawera.

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  1. Hi Rose.
    Great blog post. That business card is cool!!! Lovely simple design, I bet your Mum is stoked. She must be very talented, your dress is amazing, I can see where you get you get it from.